Amidst the growing hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), there is a forgotten category of users whose needs are not being met by traditional communications technologies.

Many farmers, resource companies, environmental agencies, governments, defense agencies and industries with remote operations have a strong demand for remote machine-to-machine connectivity. However they simply cannot justify the cost of existing services because they need small amounts of data from tens of thousands of sensors.

These are applications where your current method of data collection might involve expensive site visits, or the occasional installation of expensive, power hungry broadband satellite solutions.

In contrast to always-on, broadband “big data”, you have a need to access your high value small data no matter where it is in the world:

  • Vital sensor readings that when aggregated can greatly improve operational efficiency
  • Greatly extending your environmental sensing footprint
  • Online tracking and condition monitoring for management of your remote assets

Myriota offers a highly scalable global service for this new category of customer. We have developed a system that is fit-for-purpose, and can be delivered at a disruptively low price that closes your business case for deployment.

Myriota commenced commercial trials in 2016 and continues to look for strategic partners with remote IoT applications. To participate, contact us via email.