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Backend Developer

The Backend Developer is a crucial role to ensure the company can scale out and provide reliable connectivity to a huge number of IoT devices around the globe.

Human Resources Manager (part time)

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for Myriota's HR by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and HR policies, programs, and practices.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff will support Myriota’s CEO to execute strategically and drive more parallel strategic initiatives across the business. The Chief of Staff’s main duties include assisting the CEO in day to day activities, providing strategic briefing, and relationship management.

Financial Controller

We are looking for an experienced Financial Controller to manage a small high growth company that uses a combination of internal and external resources to maintain Myriota’s financial information and operations.

Communications Manager

We are looking for a Communications Manager to develop, implement and maintain a communications plan to support a PR/organic-based marketing strategy for Myriota, operating in national and international markets.



More jobs will be posted in the coming weeks.

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