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Trials underway for satellite water tank level monitor

10 Mar 2017

Myriota has joined with University of New England and the Australia and New Zealand CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI) in a project to conduct trials of low-cost livestock water tank level monitoring.

The project falls under the CRCSI Australian Livestock Spatial Innovation Program (ALSIP).

This project will enable Myriota to deploy its technology at a number of remote sites throughout Australia.

Graziers will be able to monitor water points regardless of location using satellite enhanced transmitters. The trial will determine the cost effectiveness of this remote monitoring system.

Myriota’s Tom Rayner said that the project will be run in partnership with the University of New England and ALSIP.

“These new trials will deploy about 30 Myriota transmitters connected to sensors that will measure livestock water tank levels around Australia,” Tom said.

“Sensors will collect tank level data and Myriota’s transmitters will send that data direct to low-earth-orbit satellites. From there the message will be transmitted to the cloud where the data will be interpreted and sent to the grazier. The tank levels will be updated at least twice a day.”

The project will run over a six-month period with the first deployments occuring later in 2017.

Professor David Lamb from the University of New England Precision Agriculture Research Group said the technology could prove to be a game changer in remote connectivity.

“The purpose of the trial is to demonstrate Myriota’s remote IoT (Internet of Things) platform,” he said.

“There is a huge number of agricultural applications that will benefit from this technology and we are pleased to be working with Myriota to develop the product through to commercialisation.”