Myriota and Davey partner to develop world-first water tank monitoring solution

31 Jan 2019

Myriota, global leader in nanosatellite Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, and pioneer of water pump technology, Davey Water Products, are partnering to level the playing field for regional and remote industries, with a breakthrough new product.

The partnership will see Myriota’s state of the art, cost-effective and battery-friendly satellite technology added to Davey’s cutting edge TankSense product range; enabling farmers to receive water level data direct to their mobile phones.

The new product will be the first mass market water-level sensor to be connected via Myriota’s low-cost earth-to-satellite transmission technology. It will assist farmers to manage water usage and provide peace of mind around livestock water supply.

Dr Alex Grant, CEO, Myriota, said that the partnership is delivering real benefit for farmers who have either faced exorbitant costs for satellite connectivity in the past or struggled to reliably monitor their water systems via existing technology.

“Our technology removes the need for farmers to rely on cellular networks with patchy coverage, or spend large sums of money to connect to high-cost satellites,” Grant said.

We’re excited that this partnership will lower the cost of water management in locations that up until now have had no cost effective way of retrieving data.

Dr Alex Grant, CEO, Myriota

Davey’s sensors are bolstered by their inbuilt AI capability which rely on algorithms to increase the accuracy of predictions around when a tank will run out of water.

Joel Gresham, General Manager Innovation of Davey Water Products said that the combination of our TankSense product with Myriota’s technology would provide a world first in terms of communicating with regional locations.

“We launched the first AI driven monitoring and control app for tank water management last year and now, we’re embarking on another world first,” Gresham said.

Thanks to Myriota’s low cost satellite technology, farmers who have traditionally needed to manually check their tanks will now be able to monitor their assets seamlessly from any location.

Joel Gresham, General Manager Innovation, Davey Water Products

The news comes as Myriota late last year launched its next generation of technology on Spaceflight’s SmallSat Express mission aboard Falcon 9 to aid the fight against Australia’s drought.