Floating Level Sensor

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Supports dam owners and operators to identify and manage safety, regulatory and water use issues associated with dams and storages in the mining and agricultural sectors.

The Yabby sensors communicate with Myriota’s constellation of nanosatellites to provide regular, accurate updates on evaporation, infiltration and water balance assessments.

The level sensor is remotely monitored with the Yabby custom cloud based platform. Interrogate volume and level trends, change sampling intervals and set SMS and email alerts.


  • Floating capability allows it to be positioned in the deepest part of the storage enabling the full range of water levels to be monitored.
  • High accuracy
  • Configurable volume and level alerts (SMS, email)
  • Configurable sampling rate
  • Designed to meet outdoor applications with a durable IP68 waterproof floating housing and sensor.
  • Ultra-low power – up to 4 years for most storage applications based on 2 readings a day
  • Positioned in the middle of storage so less prone to vandalisation.