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Myriota takes delivery of first hardware

16 Dec 2016

Myriota celebrated its first birthday last month and marked the occasion by taking delivery of the first Myriota Development Kit samples.

These early samples are being subjected to an intensive testing program and commercial trials, which will commence in early 2017.

With this first market-ready product, the Myriota Development Kit, due to be launched in the second half of 2017, Myriota CEO Alex Grant says that the Kit has been designed to allow users to trial and develop their own applications for the Myriota connectivity platform.

“This is new technology and it’s exciting to see an idea that started at the University of South Australia some six years ago progress to a product that will provide real benefit to so many industries,” he said.

“Once installed, the Myriota Development Kit transmits short messages directly to a constellation of low earth orbit satellites, which relay signals to a global network of ground stations, which in turn forward the signals to the cloud.

“Myriota’s patented software technology then sorts the messages and delivers them to the end user.”


According to Alex, the Myriota Development Kit, will allow users to evaluate a broad range of applications for the Myriota platform.

The Myriota Development Kit is more than a satellite modem,” Alex said. “It is a sophisticated software-defined radio, coupled to a microcontroller and sensor suite.

“Connectivity to external third-party sensors is provided via standard interfaces. It can accept a variety of external power sources and antennas, while the onboard microcontroller and memory enable remote applications and data processing.”

Myriota connects through a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites, which orbit the earth at an altitude of between 600 km and 800 km every 90 minutes, and can receive data from just about anywhere.

“Each satellite visits every part of the globe at least four times a day,” Alex said. “Typical revisit times range between one and three hours.”

For anyone using existing hardware and software applications, the Myriota Development Kit is also easily integrated.

“The Kit will have a wide range of interfaces, easily configurable modes for standard sensing and data transmission tasks,” Alex said.

“A refined software development kit (SDK) will be launched with the Myriota Development Kit in the second half of 2017 allowing the module to be integrated into a wide range of assets, monitors, machines and sensors.”

So whether you’re tracking a shipping container across the globe, reading an electricity meter in outback Queensland or checking water tanks on a remote cattle station, Myriota is the small, affordable and simple solution for collecting the data you need from anywhere in the world.

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