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Become an Enabler of Possible

As a business we are focused on enabling at scale IoT deployment through a resilient, capable connectivity platform; built for a myriad of sense, location and response applications.

Enabled by anywhere connectivity, our valued partners are unlocking previously impossible or impractical use cases to deliver tangibly better outcomes – whether that’s safeguarding soldiers, animals and food supply or caring for the environment.

We believe in a world made better through seamless access to critical data, anywhere and everywhere it’s needed; we’re executing on that together, one use case at a time. Come join the journey!

Jobs at Myriota

Director, Edge Engineering

This role is accountable for execution and delivery of all Myriota’s physical products from our core communications module, to Myriota and Design Services products. This is a highly cross-functional role requiring close collaboration with our customers, partners, suppliers and internal teams.


Director, Network Operations and Engineering

We’re looking for an experienced leader who can bridge Operations, Development and Product management teams to build a world-class IoT Network. In this role you will work closely with our VP Engineering in planning and executing Myriota’s business plan for growth and the enablement of our IoT Network.


Test and QA Lead

Build your career across Cloud, NewSpace, Hardware, Cyber and Quality. The Test and QA lead will be responsible for developing and augmenting Myriota’s automated test frameworks, software test development and customer-facing outcomes.

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Electronic Engineer

The Electronic Engineer will work across a broad range of electronic and product development disciplines, supporting customers to develop solutions to their needs. Executing on the product roadmap across a range of experiences including RF design, digital and analog engineering, CAD, testing, compliance and product design.
You will be building, designing and developing products for everywhere, everyday use in the millions.

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Senior Satellite Engineer

Working as part of the Advanced Development team you will shape the design and implementation of new space missions and technologies. You will have the opportunity to imagine, design, build, and test new ways of delivering Myriota connectivity using space.

In this role, you will launch and commission the team’s creations and collaboratively bring them into service.


Think Big

This is the attitude that shapes our bold vision and hunger for innovation. It’s the way we see the world and what drives us to redefine space-based communications.

Simplicity Works

As much as we dream big for our company, we understand success relies on keeping things simple. In this fast-moving, technology-driven market of ever-increasing complexity, our practical approach is what sets us apart from the rest.

Keep It Real

Born from a genuine desire to connect remote areas that were previously left behind, our wish to create change for good guides us in all areas of our business.

In It Together

Connection is part of Myriota’s DNA. It’s not only what we do, it’s how we do it. We have real empathy for our customers and work with them to unlock previously impossible or impractical use cases to deliver tangibly better outcomes.

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