Myriota Partner Program

Join the Myriota Partner Program to be guided through verified device performance, a successful product launch and ongoing promotion.

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Who is the Myriota Partner Program for?

Ideal for IoT innovators with experience integrating communications technologies.

The Myriota Partner Program supports manufacturers through design, production and release of Myriota Certified Devices.

It is best suited to companies that can work collaboratively on business development opportunities, driving growth for both our organisations.

Build products for a global market

The expansion of our service in the United States and Canada marked a significant milestone in a new era of IoT connectivity for the region’s most critical industries – one where data is accessible anywhere on the planet in a secure and affordable manner.

Myriota’s satellite IoT connectivity underpins products built for a global market – the missing link in the development of truly scalable IoT devices.

From safeguarding water for future generations to massively reducing wind farm maintenance costs, Myriota’s IoT connectivity removes the barrier of location and scale.

Why join

Our teams will work together across Engineering, Product, Sales, Support and Marketing to support successful product design and deployment.

Co-marketing opportunities

We’ll help create awareness and generate demand for your Myriota enabled IoT device through co-marketing initiatives including digital and print campaigns, public relations activity, and more.

Ongoing support

Work with your assigned Myriota Account Manager right from the product development stage. Regular meetings to connect our sales, engineering, and marketing teams will build strong relationships for ongoing support.

Connect to customers

Receive leads via our Partner Product page and get referrals when we have a customer enquiry for a solution that matches your services. Be a featured Partner at key online and in-person events to connect with engaged and ready to buy solution providers and end-users.

Access commercial benefits

Unlock volume discounts and receive priority fulfilment on Myriota Modules to meet your production targets, even when global silicon supplies are low. Be the first to learn about new products and features, and services launched.

Grundfos: Global pump manufacturer harnessing anywhere connectivity

The Grundfos Solar Connect saves livestock farmers hundreds of hours spent in water pump and tank monitoring and maintenance. Using Myriota’s direct-to-satellite connectivity, the Grundfos Solar Connect solution is simple, reliable, and just works anywhere on the Earth’s surface.

Sam Ryder, Area Managing Director WU (Water Utility) at Grundfos Australia talks about this revolutionary solution closing the loop for primary producers managing their water infrastructure in remote, hard-to-reach locations.

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Ready to develop your satellite connected IoT device?

Join a growing number of IoT developers and innovators connecting to the Myriota Network. Provide your details to be contacted by a member of our sales team.

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Unlocking better outcomes, together

Our Partners break down the barriers of previously impossible problems via the Myriota Network: a resilient, capable ecosystem of inventors and innovators working to benefit people and the planet.

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Common Questions

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  • Are there different ways to work together?

    Yes, there are different opportunities for us to work together. For example, your company may have expertise in IoT solutions, services or platforms rather than device design and manufacture. Book a call to arrange a meeting.

  • Is there a minimum order requirement?

    Get started by building a prototype, using the Myriota Developer ToolKit – integrating the Myriota Module itself – or connecting to the Myriota Sense&Locate. We’ll work together to understand your market opportunity and plan the appropriate quantity of Myriota Modules to begin commercial production of your satellite-connected devices.

  • What is Myriota Certification?

    Myriota Certification enables our Partners to deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

    Device performance is tested and verified by our engineers to ensure they meet the required service level that will ultimately provide end-users with the confidence they’ll receive their valuable data as expected.

  • Are there annual or ongoing costs?

    No, there aren’t fees for joining the Myriota Partner Program. 

    Partners are invited to collaborate with Myriota on co-marketing efforts, which would include cost-sharing for campaign delivery.

Get started

Connect with a Myriota team member to talk through your product vision. They’ll advise you on the best development tools to start with.

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Verify your design and connection to the Myriota Network. Start scoping manufacturing and go-to-market plans.

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We’ll work together on co-marketing activities for launch. Following Myriota Certification, your product can display our logo.

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Setting the standard for global IoT connectivity

Ultra long-battery life

Low power consumption, 10 years+ on 2x AA batteries

Massive scale

100m messages/day satellite capacity, billions of devices

Private and secure

Zero plaintext protocol unique cryptographic privacy

Low cost messages

No network setup costs, and no minimum monthly spend

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The game-changer for solution providers seeking a seamless, adaptable IoT solution.
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