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Seamless IoT connectivity for a range of agriculture applications that just works, anywhere.

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Agriculture and the IoT

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In the dynamic world of agriculture, farmers face ever-increasing and diverse challenges related to water, resource and asset management. The impact of these challenges is felt by farming communities, globally.

The United Nations estimates that soil erosion costs a staggering $400 billion each year, highlighting the urgency for improved erosion control and responsible tillage practices. A significant 70% of freshwater reserves are utilised by agriculture, with a startling 60% lost due to inefficient irrigation systems.

By harnessing the power of IoT devices and sensors through Myriota’s IoT connectivity, farmers can access crucial data regardless of their location. Livestock tracking, soil moisture monitoring, crop health analysis, and environmental condition insights become readily available, enabling farmers to optimise their operations.

With connectivity that just works anywhere, solutions enabled by Myriota are helping farmers to conserve water, minimise resource losses, and increase sustainable farming practices. The key lies in harnessing seamless connectivity and sensing technology to transform the agricultural industry and secure a promising future for farmers across the globe.

Grundfos: Global pump manufacturer harnessing anywhere connectivity

The Grundfos Solar Connect saves livestock farmers hundreds of hours spent in water pump and tank monitoring and maintenance. Using Myriota’s direct-to-satellite connectivity, the Grundfos Solar Connect solution is simple, reliable, and just works anywhere on the Earth’s surface.

Sam Ryder, Area Managing Director WU (Water Utility) at Grundfos Australia talks about this revolutionary solution closing the loop for primary producers managing their water infrastructure in remote, hard-to-reach locations.

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Direct-to-satellite IoT connectivity, built for Smart Agriculture

  • Cost revolution

    Slash Total Cost of Ownership by an incredible 50x*. Plans for cents per message, without the need for additional infrastructure or complex setups, simplifying operations and reducing costs.

  • Long-run Battery

    Harness incredibly low-power connectivity with devices with up to 30x the efficiency*.

  • Zero Compromises

    Ensuring end-to-end security for peace of mind. Security with the seal of approval from defence, government bodies and global brands.

    *vs nearest D2O alternative

IoT in Agriculture: Reshaping the future

Improved data collection drives farming efficiency

IoT-enabled solutions provide critical insights to make informed decisions, automate processes, and predict issues for proactive farming.

Resource optimisation

IoT in agriculture optimises land, energy, and water use through precision farming and data collection.

End-to-end production control

IoT solutions enable farmers to monitor and control the entire crop production process, responding to changes and preventing damage.

Cleaner process, lower carbon footprint

IoT-based smart farming reduces reliance on chemicals, saves energy and water, and promotes organic and eco-friendly practices.

Process automation

IoT automates manual tasks like pest control and irrigation, reducing dependence on manual labour and increasing crop production.

Accentuated product quality

IoT-driven smart farming meets demand, decreases imports, increases exports, and ensures high-quality crops through proactive decision-making.

Industry opportunities

Revolutionise your agriculture monitoring system with anywhere connectivity. Capture crucial data precisely when you need it, empowering every aspect of your operations.

Ensure reliable water availability for irrigation and other agricultural needs. Monitor tank levels remotely, receive timely alerts for specific thresholds, and efficiently manage water resources. Optimise irrigation scheduling, prevent water shortages or overflow, and maintain optimal moisture levels for healthy crop growth. Maximise yield potential while minimising water waste and costs.

Tank Level Monitoring

Enhance livestock management and security. Track location, monitor movement history, set geofencing boundaries, and receive alerts for potential issues. Improve grazing patterns, prevent theft or loss, and make informed decisions based on livestock behaviour and location data. Increase operational efficiency, reduce manual labour, and ensure the well-being and safety of valuable livestock.

Livestock Tracking

Achieve optimal crop growth and water management. Monitor soil moisture levels to optimise irrigation practices, and make data-driven decisions to enhance crop conditions, increase yields, and conserve water resources. Improve resource efficiency, reduce water waste, and cultivate healthier, more resilient crops.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Keep farming equipment running at its best with farm equipment tracking devices. Monitor run hours, schedule preventive maintenance reminders, and ensure efficient operations for increased productivity and reduced downtime. Gain insights into equipment utilisation and performance to optimise resource allocation and streamline operations.

Equipment Tracking

Unlocking better outcomes, together

Our Partners break down the barriers of previously impossible problems via the Myriota Network. An ecosystem of inventors and innovators working to benefit people and the planet.

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The Myriota Network in a little more detail

    Direct-to-satellite transmission

    Simple to embed, cost-effective to maintain.

    Our direct-to-satellite network removes the need for any additional terrestrial infrastructure to get your messages into space and back to Earth.

    Count on coverage without having to plan, deploy or maintain a gateway network.

    A complete IoT device

    The Myriota Module is a sophisticated edge compute device, with the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.

    It can be programmed to log (scheduled or event-triggered) preprocess and securely transmit data to suit any number of IoT applications.

    The Myriota Module can also be used as a modem. We’ve done the heavy lifting to accelerate your product development program.

    Low power, long-battery-life

    The Myriota Module has smart power features that deliver years of battery life with 2 AA batteries.

    It maintains awareness of the Myriota satellite constellation via an orbital model, wakes and transmits only when a satellite is overhead, using intelligent scheduling and specially designed radio waveforms to ensure reliable delivery at minimum power.

    The Module also exploits the latest advances in ultra-low power IoT electronics. Our extensive lab and field tests give you confidence that your battery can last for years.


    Stop paying for more than you need.

    On the Myriota Network, your device can send multiple small messages using very small amounts of bandwidth. This gives you flexibility – no need to pay for more than you need.

    Anywhere, global technology

    Myriota’s unique patented technology comes from years of research and development.

    Our customers have deployed our product and service in the harshest environments on land and at sea – anywhere with sky view.

    Image of the Myriota Module

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    Myriota Module Data Sheet

    More than just a modem, the Myriota Module is a sophisticated edge computing device and has the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.


    Myriota Module Integration Guide

    From GPIO to power supply and RF design considerations, your one-stop doc to discover how to integrate the Myriota Module.


    Myriota Development Board Manual

    Get up and running in minutes on the Myriota Network with our Development Board – equipped with antennas, GNSS, battery, and sensor interface breakouts.


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