Satellite Water Tank Monitoring System

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The LoneStar Tracking water tank monitoring system is a simple to deploy tank and trough sensor and level monitor, inbuilt with Myriota’s anywhere satellite connectivity. The system gives you instant access to vital data to keep your livestock watered regardless of location.  

This system requires only 2 AA lithium batteries and a clear sky-view. Simply place the sensor into the tank or trough and install the system to automatically monitor your tanks from anywhere and unlock better outcomes today.

The LoneStar Tracking Satellite Water Tank Monitoring System is enabled by Myriota Sense & Locate hardware and connectivity. 

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  • Frequent updates: 4 measurements per day from anywhere on earth
  • Data at your fingertips: Monitor levels on your phone or computer and receive automatic low water alerts
  • Low power: powered by 2 AA lithium batteries for up to 5 year
  • Works anywhere: Global coverage via direct-to-satellite connectivity, no cell coverage required
  • Cutting-edge technology: IP65 & UV resistant case, long battery life, built-in GPS, suitable for various tank depths.
  • Affordable and efficient: Cost-effective monitoring with operational and safety benefits
  • Ready to use: 1st year of data included, thereafter $99 USD per year

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