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Andromeda has been designed by the experts in rugged, low power IoT devices, and uses best in class low orbit satellite connectivity from Myriota. A long lasting GPS tracker that uses efficient connectivity to provide you with accurate location reporting. Wherever your assets or goods are, Andromeda enables geolocation monitoring with LTE-M upload and Myriota Satellite fallback for areas without LTE-M /NB-IoT network coverage.

Designed to be Plug ‘n Play and built to last, Andromeda lets you take your tracking requirements to the next level. Always know where your assets are, with reports sent straight to your device when you need them.


  • Hybrid connectivity options allow for direct Myriota satellite connection when LTE-M coverage is not available, meaning you’ll never lose sight of your asset.
  • Andromeda is built for outdoor use, using hardwearing materials and designed to be dust and water resistant. The industrial grade lithium battery will last up to 5 years (dependent on reporting profile).
  • With a range of mounting options available and intuitive device activation onto the Incyt app, users can be up and running in minutes, not hours - tracking assets through the user-friendly reporting dashboards

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The game-changer for solution providers seeking a seamless, adaptable IoT solution.
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