Myriota Dev Kit

Ready to connect your device direct-to-satellite?

$199 USD

The Myriota Dev Kit provides you with all the tools you need to build out your integrated Myriota solution, enabling rapid proof of concept for extra-urban and remote sensing. Get started now with access to affordable, long-battery-life satellite IoT connectivity.

The Dev Kit suits an embedded engineering and hardware development skill set (Linux Ubuntu OS required). Check out our device code examples and the Myriota SDK to learn how the Dev Kit can enable your remote sensing IoT solutions.

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  • Developer Toolkit Myriota Developer Toolkit including SDK, access to Myriota API, development board, antenna, enclosure and mounting brackets, battery holder cover, satellite simulator USB dongle and USB cable. 
  • Modules 2 x Myriota Modules. Ultra energy-efficient and secure. Add them to your IoT device to connect to the Myriota Network.
  • 12 Months 3 months of free data, giving you the freedom to send messages to the Myriota Network while you develop your prototype
  • One-On-One 1:1 session with a Myriota team member to answer your burning tech queries.
  • Certification Handbook Certification Handbook. The ultimate guide for getting your product certified to Myriota standards.
  • Customer Support Customer support from Myriota Satellite IoT experts, for a smooth and supportive development journey.

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Myriota Sense&Locate

Fast track your Satellite IoT development and get your IoT solution into the market with deployment ready location and sensor input features.

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