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What is the Myriota Network?

The Myriota Network is our low-power, ultra-low cost global satellite network. It eliminates location and price as barriers to the deployment of connected devices. With millions of data messages already received from real world sensor devices, the Myriota Network is redefining the capability and reach of IoT.

We used a combination of company owned and partner space based assets to deliver the Myriota service.

At what frequency does Myriota transmit?

The Myriota Network offers two communication service types. Service 1 uses the VHF band for uplink, whereas Service 2 uses UHF. Both service types downlink data from the Myriota Network using the UHF band.

The Myriota service types use the VHF and UHF frequency bands because they provide the best radio propagation conditions for direct-to-satellite IoT.

Read our Developer resources to learn more about Myriota Service types.

What is the size of the messages I can send?

The Myriota service is based on short messages, ideal for Internet of Things applications. Our Network supports data transmission via small messages that offer 20 bytes of user payload, with support for larger messages coming soon. This flexibility means you won’t waste battery and money on bandwidth you don’t need.

Need to optimise your sensor data? The Myriota Module has on-board storage and a microcontroller for data pre-processing and compression. Contact us, so our team can discuss options to slim it down.

How many transmit opportunities do I get per day?

The number of daily access times for the Myriota Network is increasing all the time as we grow and enhance our ground and space infrastructure. You can review the frequency and interval of access times any time using the Device Manager

If you haven’t got a Device Manager account yet, sign up today to get access to this and many more great resources!

How long will my messages take to arrive?

On the Myriota Network, message latency can vary depending on the Service Type you are using, the location of your device, and whether messages are scheduled periodically or in line with access times.

Please Contact us for more information. We can discuss your goals and take you through the service in each region.

Are my messages secure?

Absolutely, we take data security seriously. Data is securely transferred with AES-CBC-256 using unique per-Module keys and full message encryption for unmatched privacy.

Your data is encrypted in flight and at rest, and delivered securely via a RESTful API with JSON.

Please read our Security and Privacy Whitepaper to learn more.

Are my messages private?

Using Myriota’s unique, patented, secure and private messaging technology, the Myriota Module does not transmit any identifying information, such as terminal IDs, as plain text. This means both your data and the identity of your devices are secure.

What is the expected battery life of a Myriota-enabled IoT device?

The intelligent design of both our communications protocol and the Myriota Module means you can expect multi-year battery life in the field. The exact lifetime is application dependent, contact us so our team can discuss your specific requirements.

To get an idea for what you can expect for your application type, check out our Battery Life Estimator. Please note, you must be logged into your Device Manager account to access this tool.

What type of battery do I need for the Myriota Module?

The Myriota Module can be powered by a wide range of readily available, low-cost batteries and power sources. 

For example, you can power the Myriota Module using just two AA Lithium batteries. Download our data sheet for more information on module requirements.

What can I use the Myriota Module for?

More than just a modem, the Myriota Module is a sophisticated edge computing device, and has the ability to interface with a range of sensors and devices. It can be programmed to log, preprocess, and securely transmit data to suit any number of IoT applications.

Can I use the Myriota Module as a modem?

Yes, the Myriota SDK provides a modem example application which can be used as-is, or built on to meet the specific needs of your application.

Do you have data plans? How much do they cost?

We offer per device plans starting from $99 cents USD per month on the Myriota Network. We can also help work through a plan that suits your requirements. Contact us for more information.

I’m convinced, what's next?

Whether you’ve got an existing product, or the next game changing idea, our team is ready to help. We can assist you to integrate our technology into an existing product, and bring new ideas into reality.

Start your product journey here, or get in contact to discuss your needs.

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