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Solar Connect

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For primary producers water assets are the lifeblood of their operations. Having limited visibility of critical water resources and of pump and bore efficiency presents ongoing challenges. This is further inhibited by cellular black spots which reduce access to critical data, and limited available solutions that provide end-to-end oversight of the entire water asset.

Global pump manufacturer Grundfos created the Solar Connect range to support and monitor their bore, pump and tank infrastructure. Utilising Myriota’s satellite connectivity Network, the devices can remotely monitor key assets and provide insight through useful data.

In developing this simple, “works anywhere you can see the sky” solution, Grundfos is tackling a major pain point for livestock farmers by enabling easy remote monitoring of water pumps and tanks, thereby significantly decreasing the time, fuel and labour necessary to regularly and manually check each water point. The Grundfos Solar Connect mobile app tracks water levels in storage tanks, delivering useful data on water pumps’ status, and alerting users when supply is low or maintenance is required.

With 12 updates daily on only two AA batteries the sensors’ life expectancy is two years, making the whole technology low maintenance and easy to install and use.


  • Myriota's anywhere connectivity inbuilt, meaning you’ll never lose sight of your pump and tank assets.
  • Check each pump installation in seconds, from anywhere, via the purpose-built app, with push’ alerts providing early warning of issues, before stock watering is compromised.
  • SQ Flex pump monitoring module tracks pump condition, temperature, estimated flow and solar power supply.
  • Tank monitoring module monitors tank level and volume.