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Agbot’s™ low-cost hardware, free software and robust sensors can be installed and monitored from anywhere in Australia, making it easier than ever to save money, time and water.

The Agbot™ Tank Monitor is robust, safe & built to last. Designed and manufactured in Queensland, Australia and engineered for the harshest climates.

Monitor valuable water resources via the direct to satellite connectivity.

Simple to install and activate using NFC you can register the Agbot™ simply by tapping it with your phone. 15 Minute Integration, Sub 1 Minute Activation!


  • IP68 Waterproof and Fully Encapsulated
  • +70 to -40 Degrees Celsius Operational Temperature Range
  • Rapid Activation with NFC
  • Leading Warranty and Long Product Lifespan

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The game-changer for solution providers seeking a seamless, adaptable IoT solution.
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