Myriota and the Australian Defence Force Innovation Hub enter into a $5.48 million IoT partnership to grow Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities

Australian Defence Force

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Myriota selected for its secure, private and home-grown technology that will improve military logistics management, situational awareness and battlefield effectiveness

Adelaide, Australia – Myriota, the world leader in secure, low-cost and long-battery-life satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced it has secured a $5.48 million contract with the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) Innovation Hub to expand its Internet of Military Things (IoMT) solution.

With the federal government last year announcing that it would invest $7 billion on sovereign controlled space assets over the next ten years, the investment by the ADF is an important contract that will leverage Myriota’s cutting edge technology to improve military logistics management, situational awareness, training and battlefield effectiveness.

The partnership will see military assets tagged with a ruggedised device, and provide secure and private location data through direct-to-orbit technology anywhere on Earth. Military battlefield commanders and logistics teams will have an accurate picture of tagged asset locations, with data to be visualised via a web application as part of the contract.

The investment is part of the federal government’s flagship defence innovation program, with Myriota CEO and co-founder, Dr Alex Grant, saying that the collaboration will build on Myriota’s strong partnership with the Australian defence industry.

“Today’s announcement with the Defence Innovation Hub marks the continuation of an important, ongoing relationship between the Australian Defence Force and Myriota that began some years ago,” Dr Grant said.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Australian defence industry in the IoMT arena, and to leverage our secure, private and sovereign technology to address specific use cases alongside the Defence Innovation Hub.”

Alex Grant, Co-founder & CEO, Myriota

Myriota’s collaboration with defence began with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTO) in 2011. More recently, Myriota supported Defence Science and Technology (DST) during the Contested Urban Environment challenge in 2018. Its IoMT technology is able to communicate with its constellation of nanosatellites in low-Earth orbit from anywhere on Earth.

Minister for Defence Industry, Melissa Price, said the contract will contribute to growing a robust, resilient and innovative industrial base for space technologies in Australia.

“Sovereign, space-enabled capabilities are critical to the future of Defence”.

The Hon Melissa Price MP, Minister for Defence Industry

Myriota’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Paul Sheridan, said that Myriota’s innovative technology was closely aligned with the goals of the 2020 Defence Strategy Update. “Myriota’s home-grown technology will deliver a capability that is flexible, secure and highly resilient”.

“With all communication links secure, private and encrypted, Myriota’s massively scalable direct-to-orbit connectivity technology will deliver greater situational awareness and efficiency for the Australian Defence Force and its Allies.”

Security and Privacy with Myriota

Security and privacy are a key requirement for IoT applications; on the Myriota Network, it would take on average approximately 165 billion years for a single incorrect authentication to occur. All bulk data carried over satellite-to-ground station links are encrypted and authenticated, employing a zero-trust security posture.

Interested to learn more about Myriota’s security capability?

Download the Myriota Security and Privacy Whitepaper for a deep overview of Myriota’s integrated cryptographic security features.

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