Myriota in the News: Adelaide-based Myriota first to connect to AWS Ground Station

24 May 2019


Originally published by ARN and written by Eleanor Dickinson

AWS partner Myriota has become the first Australian company to gain access to the public cloud provider’s new satellite control system.

Named the AWS Ground Station, the service will allow the internet of things (IoT) start-up to manage its nano-satellite data and power IoT connectivity across remote locations.

The Ground Station, which has two physical locations in the US, enables customers to download data from satellites into AWS Global Infrastructure Regions and then upload satellite commands and data through the system.

Adelaide-based Myriota joins a host of other customers and partners, including US-based Capella Space, France-based Thales Alenia Space and UK-based Open Cosmos, in connecting to the Ground Station.

According to AWS, the service takes away the need for customers to build or lease ground antennas to communicate with satellites.

“With massive scale, long battery life, and direct-to-orbit connectivity for IoT, Myriota is helping customers with vital applications, such as sensor telemetry, low-value asset tracking, and device monitoring and control.”

David Haley, CTO, Myriota

“The AWS Ground Station Network provides an exciting opportunity to further increase operational efficiency and reliability for our customers at massive scale.”

Founded in 2015, Myriota offers an “ultra-low-cost satellite IoT service” underpinned by low-cost satellite transmitters that send low-powered and small packet messages directly to a constellation of low-earth-orbit nano-satellite.

The company said it currently uses AWS for processing and cloud-based delivery.

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