Myriota successfully deploys satellite tank monitors

19 Jun 2017

Myriota has successfully deployed several low cost satellite water tank monitors.

These low cost, direct to orbit, water tank monitors are one of Myriota’s first deployments and are being deployed under a project co-funded by the Australian and New Zealand CRC for Spatial Information (CRCSI).

Myriota Principle Engineer: Cloud Architecture Andrew Beck installing a satellite connected tank monitor at Armadale

The first units were deployed at the University of New England, Armidale with further units being deployed throughout Australia in the coming days.

Myriota Principle Engineer: Cloud Architecture said the installation took about 5 minutes per tank and was very simple.

“We have deliberately designed this product to be as simple and robust as possible”, Mr Beck said.

“Anyone who can use a set of pliers and zip ties will be able to install these devices. The communications technology is advanced but it needs to be very easy for the farmer to use.”

Myriota has created the water tank monitors by integrating its low cost, long battery life satellite transmitters to an off the shelf pressure sensor. The pressure sensor is submerged into the tank providing water level data which is then transmitted to Myriota’s low earth orbit satellites. This data is in turn relayed back to earth where the message is decoded using Myriota’s patented receiver software.

The project also involved the creation of an easy to use web app to display tank level data in a clear and concise manner.

Myriota will deploy about 30 devices around Australia in the coming weeks.









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