The power of anywhere connectivity for heavy equipment monitoring

Deep dive into how remote, underutilised heavy equipment can benefit from affordable, long-battery life connectivity via satellite

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Data is power. The power to make informed decisions to maximise ROI, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your fleet of heavy equipment.

When operating outside metro areas means you can’t always rely on cellular connectivity to get the data you need. The result? Unplanned maintenance, difficult asset management, productivity loss, and stolen equipment near impossible to recover.

The scope of the problem is significant. In the United States alone, $1 billion is lost to theft, with recovery rates between 5% – 20%. The opportunity cost is also significant, with companies suffering 23% worst financial performance than competitors if less than 50% of their fleet is connected.

The Myriota Network provides reliable, consistent coverage independent of topography and cellular service areas – the bridge between human, machine, and operational efficiency gains.

In this webinar we deep dive into how remote, underutilised equipment can benefit from affordable, long-battery life connectivity via satellite.

The key takeaways:


  • The challenges that remote industries are facing

  • How global organisations benefit from IoT monitoring

  • The benefits of remote monitoring for worksites

  • How Myriota simplifies IoT connectivity from lab to field via low-earth orbit satellite 

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Myriota was an obvious choice as the leader in ultra-low power, satellite connectivity designed specifically for the internet of things. We wanted to build a tracker that could be retrofitted to powered and unpowered assets alike, and give reliable reporting even in remote areas like mine sites or across rural Australia.

Adam Schindhelm, CEO, INCYT

IoT connectivity to simplify product rollout and ongoing maintenance.

  • No job or location is too remote

    Move beyond the barriers of location – connect anywhere with sky view to get complete control over your valuable assets.

  • Low-cost, long-battery life

    Optimise operational efficiency to keep projects on track, on budget and save your bottom line. Simple to deploy – point your device to the sky. Simple to maintain – get years of battery life. No gateways, no towers, no fuss.

  • Reduce equipment downtime

    Spot potential problems with predictive maintenance to optimise equipment usage for increased ROI.

  • Increase valuable asset utilisation

    Prevent loss and theft, lengthy yard or job site hunts, and unnecessary and costly equipment transfers to and from job sites.

  • Support your journey towards sustainability

    Reduce the impact of all aspects of equipment operation with insights for sustainable decision-making.

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The Myriota Network in a little more detail

    Direct-to-satellite transmission

    Simple to embed, cost-effective to maintain.

    Our direct-to-satellite network removes the need for any additional terrestrial infrastructure to get your messages into space and back to Earth.

    Count on coverage without having to plan, deploy or maintain a network.

    A complete IoT device

    We’ve done the heavy lifting. The Myriota Module is a sophisticated edge compute device, with the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.

    It can be programmed to log (scheduled or event triggered) preprocess and securely transmit data to suit any number of IoT applications.

    The Myriota Module can also be used as a modem. We’ve done the heavy lifting to accelerate your product development program.

    Low power, long-battery-life

    The Myriota Module has smart power features that deliver exceptional battery life with just two AA batteries.

    It maintains awareness of the Myriota satellite constellation via an orbital model, wakes and transmits only when a satellite is overhead, using intelligent scheduling and specially designed radio waveforms to ensure reliable delivery at minimum power.

    The Module also exploits the latest advances in ultra-low power IoT electronics. Our extensive lab and field tests give you confidence that your battery will last for years.


    Stop paying for more than you need.

    On the Myriota Network, your device can send multiple small messages using very small amounts of bandwidth. This gives you flexibility – no need to pay for more than you need.

    Anywhere, global technology

    Myriota’s unique patented technology comes from years of research and development.

    Our customers have deployed our product and service in the harshest environments on land and at sea, and we’ve reliably delivered tens of millions of messages globally.

    Image of the Myriota Module

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