Webinar: Leading the Herd with Satellite IoT

From Texan Cattle Ranches to Puerto Rican Tank Manufacturers

Discover how leaders in the tank monitoring industry are leveraging the power of anywhere connectivity to give users better insights on key resources.

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Affordable and accessible IoT tank monitoring solutions are heralding a new age of liquid asset management across the globe. Whether it’s realising millions of dollars of savings through operational efficiency improvements, protecting essential livestock or monitoring critical crop yields, the IoT presents a massive opportunity to transform how we manage vital resources.

In this live webinar, you’ll hear first hand from an expert panel pulling on their years of global experience sharing the unique challenges and opportunities of the tank monitoring industry. From understanding water or fuel levels during periods of crisis, to syncing tank data with a wider smart-farm infrastructure for complete visibility – the benefits of the IoT enabled by anywhere connectivity are being reaped, today.

See how Myriota’s Tank Monitoring Partners are solving previously impossible problems across the agriculture and oil & gas industries with their innovative solutions.

What you’ll take away

What you’ll take away

  • Scaling digital solutions for enhanced visibility over your tanks, regardless of operation size

  • The sky’s the limit for agricultural monitoring – how integrated solutions are driving adoption

  • The benefits and business opportunities IoT tank monitoring is enabling

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Direct-to-satellite IoT connectivity, built for tank monitoring

“Building on the Myriota Network has really enabled us to get connectivity everywhere and to meet the needs of the most remote stations giving clear access and visibility to asset performance”

Phil Livingston, Founder & Managing Director, Agbot™

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  • Reduce field trips, lower costs.

    Collect data from anywhere on the earth’s surface. Track trends, save time, lower costs and get more from your data with low-cost connectivity.

  • Timely, accurate insights, anywhere.

    Move beyond the barriers of location and manual sampling – connect anywhere with sky view to get deep insights into critical infrastructure.

  • A sustainable, robust water future for people and planet.

    Monitor tank level, volume and leakages to reduce the environmental impacts of incorrect resource management.

  • Meet regulatory requirements with reliable reporting.

    Ensure even the most comprehensive on-farm assessment or monitoring system is effective in meeting compliance.

  • Long-term status, trends and insights.

    Readily available trend data on tank resources for informed decision-making.

  • Low-cost, long-battery life.

    Simple to deploy – point your device to the sky. Simple to maintain – get years of battery life. No gateways, no towers, no fuss.

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The Myriota Network in a little more detail

    Direct-to-satellite transmission

    Simple to embed, cost-effective to maintain.

    Our direct-to-satellite network removes the need for any additional terrestrial infrastructure to get your messages into space and back to Earth.

    Count on coverage without having to plan, deploy or maintain a network.

    A complete IoT device

    We’ve done the heavy lifting. The Myriota Module is a sophisticated edge compute device, with the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.

    It can be programmed to log (scheduled or event triggered) preprocess and securely transmit data to suit any number of IoT applications.

    The Myriota Module can also be used as a modem. We’ve done the heavy lifting to accelerate your product development program.

    Low power, long-battery-life

    The Myriota Module has smart power features that deliver exceptional battery life with just two AA batteries.

    It maintains awareness of the Myriota satellite constellation via an orbital model, wakes and transmits only when a satellite is overhead, using intelligent scheduling and specially designed radio waveforms to ensure reliable delivery at minimum power.

    The Module also exploits the latest advances in ultra-low power IoT electronics. Our extensive lab and field tests give you confidence that your battery will last for years.


    Stop paying for more than you need.

    On the Myriota Network, your device can send multiple small messages using very small amounts of bandwidth. This gives you flexibility – no need to pay for more than you need.

    Anywhere, global technology

    Myriota’s unique patented technology comes from years of research and development.

    Our customers have deployed our product and service in the harshest environments on land and at sea, and we’ve reliably delivered tens of millions of messages globally.

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