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Webinar: Scaling IoT solutions in water management with anywhere connectivity

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More than 99% of Earth’s water is unusable by humans. The collapse of ecosystems, extreme droughts and flooding reflect the mismanagement of the diminishing 1%.

Less than 3% of Earth’s water is freshwater, with 60% inaccessible in icecaps and glaciers. Of that 3%, only about 0.3% is found in the surface water of lakes, rivers, and swamps.

Whilst consumers can make better voter and community member choices if they are informed about the use of vital resources, increasingly there are competing demands on water from government and industry.

Irrigated agriculture remains the largest user of water globally, accounting for 70% of water use worldwide and over 40% in many OECD countries (OECD).

There is a massive opportunity for the IoT to revolutionise the monitoring and management of water resources. New technologies not only enable existing systems to operate more efficiently, but also make new service delivery models possible.

This webinar will inform how the IoT, enabled by Myriota’s direct-to-satellite connectivity, can help water utility operators, farmers and organisations to achieve less waste, less consumption, and improved management of this precious resource.

The key takeaways:


  • Scaling digital solutions in the water sector

  • How industry and government bodies alike are already accelerating digitisation in the water sector to improve their operations

  • The benefits of IoT-enabled water monitoring

  • How Myriota simplifies IoT connectivity from desk to field via direct-to-satellite connectivity

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Direct-to-satellite IoT connectivity, built for water monitoring

“Introducing satellite connectivity to our range is a significant improvement for all farmers that spend a significant amount of time on pumps’ maintenance.”

Sam Ryder, Area Managing Director WU, Grundfos Australia

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  • Reduce field trips, lower costs.

    Collect data from anywhere on the earth’s surface. Track trends, save time, lower costs and get more from your data with low-cost connectivity.

  • Timely, accurate insights, anywhere.

    Move beyond the barriers of location and manual sampling – connect anywhere with sky view to get deep insights into critical infrastructure.

  • A sustainable, robust water future for people and planet.

    Monitor water quality, levels, temperature and pressure to reduce the environmental impacts of incorrect water management.

  • Meet regulatory requirements with reliable reporting.

    Ensure even the most comprehensive water quality assessment or monitoring system is effective in meeting compliance.

  • Long-term status, trends and insights.

    Readily available trend data on water assets for informed decision-making.

  • Low-cost, long-battery life.

    Simple to deploy – point your device to the sky. Simple to maintain – get years of battery life. No gateways, no towers, no fuss.

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The Myriota Network in a little more detail

    Direct-to-satellite transmission

    Simple to embed, cost-effective to maintain.

    Our direct-to-satellite network removes the need for any additional terrestrial infrastructure to get your messages into space and back to Earth.

    Count on coverage without having to plan, deploy or maintain a network.

    A complete IoT device

    We’ve done the heavy lifting. The Myriota Module is a sophisticated edge compute device, with the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.

    It can be programmed to log (scheduled or event triggered) preprocess and securely transmit data to suit any number of IoT applications.

    The Myriota Module can also be used as a modem. We’ve done the heavy lifting to accelerate your product development program.

    Low power, long-battery-life

    The Myriota Module has smart power features that deliver exceptional battery life with just two AA batteries.

    It maintains awareness of the Myriota satellite constellation via an orbital model, wakes and transmits only when a satellite is overhead, using intelligent scheduling and specially designed radio waveforms to ensure reliable delivery at minimum power.

    The Module also exploits the latest advances in ultra-low power IoT electronics. Our extensive lab and field tests give you confidence that your battery will last for years.


    Stop paying for more than you need.

    On the Myriota Network, your device can send multiple small messages using very small amounts of bandwidth. This gives you flexibility – no need to pay for more than you need.

    Anywhere, global technology

    Myriota’s unique patented technology comes from years of research and development.

    Our customers have deployed our product and service in the harshest environments on land and at sea, and we’ve reliably delivered tens of millions of messages globally.

    Image of the Myriota Module

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