Best practice Security and Privacy for satellite IoT

IoT is booming with over 75 billion devices predicted to be connected to the internet globally by 2025. But such devices have the potential to present as much risk as opportunity if they aren’t secure, and entire national infrastructures could be compromised with devastating results.

With Myriota, discover how your organisation can ensure communication security for IoT.

IoT security that will outlast the galaxy. 

Security and privacy are a key requirement for IoT applications; on the Myriota Network, it would take on average approximately 165 billion years for a single incorrect authentication to occur. All bulk data carried over satellite-to-ground station links are encrypted and authenticated, employing a zero-trust security posture.

Download the Myriota Security and Privacy Whitepaper to get a deep overview of the integrated cryptographic security, integrity and privacy features of the Myriota System.

Myriota Network security features

  • Confidentiality. User data encrypted with additional end to end encryption if required.
  • Privacy. No identification of devices, no metadata attacks.
  • Integrity. No tampering, no replay, no forgery.
  • Scalability. Supports billions of devices.
Image of Myriota's security and privacy whitepaper

Download the Myriota Whitepaper to discover IoT security that will outlast the galaxy.

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