Global Reach

Amidst the growing hype surrounding the Internet of Things, there is a forgotten category of users whose needs are not being met by traditional communications technologies.

Many farmers, resource companies, environmental agencies, governments, defense agencies and industries with remote operations have a strong demand for remote machine-to-machine connectivity. However they simply cannot justify the cost of existing services because they need small amounts of data from tens of thousands of sensors... Keep reading...


Low power micro transmitters

Our standard transmitter is a clever little module (D50mm x W50mm x H25mm) with inbuilt antenna, GPS, motion sensor, microprocessor and battery. It can be programmed to log data and transmit data to suit each application. It has a battery life of over 12 months for most applications and can withstand the harshest of elements.

Narrow Bandwidth

The transmitter can send multiple small packets (20 Bytes) of data using only as much bandwidth as needed. This means you are not paying for more spectrum than necessary.

Small Satellites

Our messages are received by Low Earth Orbit Satellites. These small and relatively inexpensive satellites are in polar orbit and rotate around the earth every 90 minutes at an altitude of approximately 800km. These satellites can receive hundreds of thousands of individual messages at a time.

Clever Signal Processing

Our messages are received by satellite ground stations and processed by software hosted in the cloud. This allows the Myriota platform to scale significantly. Your data is available via standard APIs.

Resource Sector Asset Monitoring

Resource Sector Asset Monitoring

Pumping Assets

Pumping Assets

Horticulture Monitoring

Horticulture Monitoring

Livestock Monitoring

Livestock Monitoring

Rain Measurement

Rain Measurement

Irrigation Monitoring

Irrigation Monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring

Low Cost Asset Monitoring

Low Cost Asset Monitoring


Myriota on the web and in the press.

Innovation Bay Entrepreneur Breakfast

October 7, 2016

Join Myriota CEO Alex Grant and Pestat MD David Dall for breakfast on 21 October for an in-depth discussion about making the transition from research to industry, their journey as entrepreneurs, and the role that universities and public research can play in the innovation landscape. Details here.  

Myriota at Tech23

October 7, 2016

Myriota CEO Dr Alex Grant will be presenting at Tech23 in Sydney on Tuesday 11th October.

Myriota Explainer

June 14, 2016

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Henry Sutton Oration

June 7, 2016

Myriota CEO Dr Alex Grant delivered the 3rd Henry Sutton Oration in Melbourne, speaking about “Satellites, Cars and the Internet of Things”.  

Myriota’s big plans for its smart blue box

May 31, 2016

An Adelaide start-up that has developed satellite technology encapsulated within a low-cost, pocket-sized blue box… Read the full story at the Adelaide Advertiser.

SA Space Industry Forum

May 27, 2016

Myriota CEO Dr Alex Grant spoke at the South Australian Space Industry Forum, presenting his perspective on a space industry startup.


Customer Focus

Myriota was established to solve a very real customer problem: providing access to high value small data in remote locations at low cost. Myriota’s advanced signal processing technologies were created with commercialisation at their core. As a result, Myriota is relentless in its pursuit of customer delight and the belief that commercial success is the natural outcome of doing everything right for our customers.

Think Big

At the very core of Myriota is an unwavering desire to have global impact. Myriota’s clever technology provides a simple solution to a long-term complex problem that is experienced world-wide. As a result, there is a fundamental belief that Myriota’s technology solution will be ubiquitous with multi-million units being used across the planet.

Keep It Real

Keeping it real means we are genuine and authentic in the way we do business. We don’t use technology to entrap or exploit. We don’t create products that people don’t need. We don’t over-engineer for the sake of it. Myriota is a company with integrity.


At Myriota, we understand success relies on keeping things simple. Simplicity is at the very heart of our product offering: we take complex data and translate it into easily understood information. In a fast-moving, technology- driven environment it is easy to bamboozle with jargon. But that is not the Myriota way. We understand that simplicity - not complexity - is the ultimate sophistication.


Myriota was born out of The University of South Australia’s Global Sensor Network research program. Commencing in 2011, this three-year, AUD 12 M program was led by Myriota Founders, Dr Alex Grant and Dr David Haley, at UniSA’s Institute for Telecommunications Research.

The program culminated in successful demonstrations of cost effective communications with very high numbers of devices during aircraft and satellite trials.

Myriota was formed by Grant and Haley, in partnership with UniSA Ventures. In November 2015 the company secured investment from Canadian-based exactEarth, a leading provider of global satellite based maritime vessel tracking data.

Myriota will use exactEarth’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation for its connectivity solutions.