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UNPUBLISHED: Navigating the Security of Water Resource Management: Myriota's Approach

With over 75 billion devices expected to be connected by 2025, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly expanding. Today, IoT is being integrated into key sectors like water supply, agriculture, and livestock management, and while this expansion offers unparalleled efficiency and connectivity, it also raises pressing security concerns. The recent cyber-attacks on U.S. water services have highlighted the vulnerabilities in our current resource management systems. In this new IoT era, the line between opportunity and risk is thin, and stringent security measures are essential to protecting resource infrastructures across the public and private sectors.

Elevating Security with Zero-Trust

In response to these challenges, Myriota is making their entrance into the US market as a vanguard in secure IoT connectivity. Central to their strategy is a “zero-trust” security stance, providing an exceptional standard of authentication, encryption and data privacy. Their advanced security model operates under an astonishingly low probability of unauthorized access, with a brute force authentication attack estimated to take, on average, 165 billion years. Myriota’s framework also ensures that data transmitted over their proprietary network remains inviolable in both directions; protecting critical information and controls against emerging cyber threats.

The potential consequences of security lapses in water infrastructure are stark – from poisoning of water supplies to the disruption of essential services. Myriota’s robust security architecture is a much needed defense against these threats. Their comprehensive security measures were a priority consideration from the very beginning, and are a vast improvement on current industry standards.

A recent Forbes article lists security as the top barrier to success of IoT technology. Breaking through that barrier, Myriota worked closely alongside leaders in sectors, such as defense, that rely heavily on stringent security measures. As a result, Myriota created their industry-leading data security protocol – not just an impressive technical feat, but one that provides a vital shield against an increasing number of attempted malicious cyber attacks. Their infrastructure is robustly built to ward off various cyber threats, including data tampering, replay attacks, and forgery; thus safeguarding the integrity of critical data.

This technology, and more, led to Myriota being contracted by the Australian Government’s Defence Innovation Hub, using Myriota’s network of nano-satellites to retrieve data from sensors across hundreds of Defence platforms, forming a global, space-enabled communications network. It also caught the attention of In-Q-Tel (IQT), a US-based strategic investor of Myriota, supporting intelligence agencies such as the CIA.

The real-world implications of Myriota’s technology are profound. A new, international study from the University of Adelaide has revealed shocking information on water theft across the globe. Between 30% and 50% of the world’s water supply is stolen annually with agricultural interests being the largest offenders.

Considered the “thirstiest” industry on earth, agriculture is responsible for the highest water usage, and some of the highest water wastage thanks to leakage, misuse, and inefficient irrigation practices. But it’s not just agriculture that consumes large amounts of water. Artificial Intelligence, TV streaming, mobile phone apps, and cloud computing in general have become a major player in global water usage, with data centers demanding hundreds of thousands of gallons to cool and maintain their servers. As these industries continue to grow, and available water sources deplete, the need for modern, reliable, and secure water management solutions is becoming increasingly more urgent.

As the climate continues to shift and water scarcity becomes more and more prevalent, Myriota’s technology represents a giant leap forward in technology-led environmental conservation. Gaining control over precious water resources and eliminating wastage in a way that’s highly secure, simple and affordable, is a foundational step toward more sustainable industries.

Securing the IoT-Led Future

The advancement of secure IoT technologies is inevitable, and Myriota’s innovative security solutions are set to play a crucial role in their adoption. Their partnership ecosystem across the Agriculture, Defense & Government, Oil & Gas, Water Management, and Tank & Equipment industries are driving real change. Myriota’s partnership with Grundfos, the global leader in pump manufacturing, will ensure farmers across the United States have secure, cutting edge technology in monitoring critical resource availability. The way this partnership helps critical industries approach their resource management paves the way for building a future where monitoring, control, and conservation are all achievable with nothing more than the tap of a screen.

For an in-depth understanding of Myriota’s security mechanisms, the Myriota Security and Privacy Whitepaper is an indispensable resource. It provides detailed insights into how Myriota is shaping the future of IoT security, essential for professionals and enthusiasts in water management, IoT, and technology sectors.