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Seamless connectivity for the Oil & Gas industry that just works, anywhere.

Oil & Gas and the IoT

Undeniably, the oil and gas industry serves as a lifeline for the global economy, powering key sectors such as transportation, electricity generation, heating, and manufacturing. It is clear however that operators face diverse challenges related to resource optimisation and environmental stewardship. These challenges have a global impact.

Inefficient operational practices cost the oil and gas sector billions of dollars annually. Inadequate resource management, fuel wastage, and equipment inefficiencies lead to substantial financial losses.

Through the IoT, there is however a substantial opportunity to optimise large cost centres. Drilling represents a large portion of oil and gas production costs, accounting for 20-30% of the overall expenses. Analytics, automation, monitoring and predictive maintenance enabled by the IoT gives upstream operators the data they need to make informed decisions on equipment utilisation.

Globally, the industry consumes a significant amount of energy; accounting for 9 percent of all human-made greenhouse-gas emissions and produces the fuels that account for an additional 33 percent of global emissions. This issue carries throughout the value chain.

Governments and Investors are demanding consistent, comparable, and reliable data, challenging companies on climate policies and emissions reduction plans. Sustainable investments have reached $30.7 trillion, one-third of total investment, indicating increasing investor consciousness of environmental issues.

To address these challenges, IoT solutions enabled by Myriota offer a transformative approach. By leveraging IoT devices and sensors, operators can access critical data regardless of location or operational complexity. Insights on equipment performance, energy consumption, emissions, and environmental conditions enable operators to optimise operations and reduce costs.

With seamless connectivity that operates in any location, Myriota enabled IoT solutions empower the oil and gas industry to achieve efficient resource utilisation, minimise financial losses, and promote sustainable practices. It’s all about leveraging advanced connectivity and innovative technology to revolutionise the industry’s landscape and pave the way for a more profitable and environmentally conscious future.

Tapping anywhere connectivity to fuel the industry towards higher performance

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  • Reduce Cost

    Save on costs by leveraging increased automation and remote process monitoring. Our IoT connectivity provides insights anywhere on the earth’s surface that help to optimise operations and reduce expenses.

  • Boost Efficiency

    Supercharge operational efficiency with our smart capabilities. From accurate billing to loss prevention and advanced maintenance strategies, including off-shore equipment, our IoT connectivity empowers you to streamline operations and maximise efficiency.

  • Enhance Longevity

    Achieve higher reliability and longevity of equipment through remote monitoring and data collection. Our IoT connectivity enables proactive maintenance and data-driven insights for improved equipment performance and longevity.


Low-cost tank monitoring anywhere with the Myriota Network

From development to deployment and market growth – hear from the Founder and Managing Director of Agbot™, Phil Livingston, as he shares how this ultra-low-cost tank monitoring solution saves time, money and water for farmers anywhere.

Direct-to-satellite IoT connectivity, built for Oil & Gas

Cost revolution

Slash Total Cost of Ownership by an incredible 50x*. Plans for cents per message, without the need for additional infrastructure or complex setups, simplifying operations and reducing costs.
*vs nearest D2O alternative

Long-run Battery

Harness incredibly low-power connectivity with devices with up to 30x the efficiency*.
*vs nearest D2O alternative

Zero Compromises

Ensuring end-to-end security for peace of mind. Security with the seal of approval from defence, government bodies and global brands.

Boost efficiency

Maximise operations and resource allocation with data-driven insights for heightened productivity.

Environmental stewardship

Monitor and uphold compliance standards, mitigating environmental impact with continuous, remote monitoring.

Seamless asset management

Effortlessly manage and monitor dispersed assets, optimsing their utilisation and maintenance remotely.

Long-Term status, trends, and insights

Access long-term status, trends, and insights into oil and gas assets.

Industry opportunities

IoT-enabled monitoring of infrastructure in remote areas is a critical technology. Discover how it can be applied across the Oil & Gas industry.

Gain unprecedented operational efficiency and reliability through advanced asset monitoring and predictive maintenance. Monitor critical equipment and infrastructure remotely, detecting potential issues in advance and optimising maintenance schedules. This proactive approach minimises downtime, extends asset lifespan, and reduces overall maintenance costs, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Prioritise safety and environmental compliance with robust remote monitoring. Monitor key parameters such as gas emissions, temperature, pressure, and environmental conditions remotely to promptly identify and address safety hazards and mitigate environmental risks. By continuously monitoring and analysing data, operators can proactively implement preventive measures, enhancing safety protocols and environmental stewardship.

Safety and Environmental Monitoring

Streamline your supply chain through anywhere tracking and monitoring. Gain visibility into inventory levels, transportation routes, and logistics operations, enabling better planning, coordination, and optimisation. Increased insights ensure efficient inventory management, timely deliveries, and improved overall supply chain performance, driving cost reduction and customer satisfaction. With end-to-end visibility, you can optimise operations, minimise delays, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Empower your team to manage operations from anywhere with comprehensive remote management. Monitor production processes, equipment status, and performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making and immediate response to critical situations. By remotely accessing and controlling operations, you can optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise the need for physical presence at remote sites.

Remote Operations and Control

Unlocking better outcomes, together

Our Partners break down the barriers of previously impossible problems via the Myriota Network. An ecosystem of inventors and innovators working to benefit people and the planet.

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Discover simplified satellite IoT connectivity with Myriota

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The Myriota Network in a little more detail

    Direct-to-satellite transmission

    Simple to embed, cost-effective to maintain.

    Our direct-to-satellite network removes the need for any additional terrestrial infrastructure to get your messages into space and back to Earth.

    Count on coverage without having to plan, deploy or maintain a gateway network.

    A complete IoT device

    The Myriota Module is a sophisticated edge compute device, with the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.

    It can be programmed to log (scheduled or event-triggered) preprocess and securely transmit data to suit any number of IoT applications.

    The Myriota Module can also be used as a modem. We’ve done the heavy lifting to accelerate your product development program.

    Low power, long-battery-life

    The Myriota Module has smart power features that deliver years of battery life with 2 AA batteries.

    It maintains awareness of the Myriota satellite constellation via an orbital model, wakes and transmits only when a satellite is overhead, using intelligent scheduling and specially designed radio waveforms to ensure reliable delivery at minimum power.

    The Module also exploits the latest advances in ultra-low power IoT electronics. Our extensive lab and field tests give you confidence that your battery can last for years.


    Stop paying for more than you need.

    On the Myriota Network, your device can send multiple small messages using very small amounts of bandwidth. This gives you flexibility – no need to pay for more than you need.

    Anywhere, global technology

    Myriota’s unique patented technology comes from years of research and development.

    Our customers have deployed our product and service in the harshest environments on land and at sea – anywhere with sky view.

    Image of the Myriota Module

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    Myriota Module Data Sheet

    More than just a modem, the Myriota Module is a sophisticated edge computing device and has the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.


    Myriota Module Integration Guide

    From GPIO to power supply and RF design considerations, your one-stop doc to discover how to integrate the Myriota Module.


    Myriota Development Board Manual

    Get up and running in minutes on the Myriota Network with our Development Board – equipped with antennas, GNSS, battery, and sensor interface breakouts.


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