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Myriota. Everywhere.

Global leaders in low-cost, low-power, secure, direct-to-orbit satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things.

Leveraging years of customer focused R&D and an extensive suite of patented innovations, Myriota delivers secure, long battery life connectivity.

Are you developing an IoT enabled device? Have you thought about using satellite IoT connectivity but not sure where to start? Register now to watch the Meet Myriota webinar that so many developers and decision makers tuned in for from around the globe.

You’ll discover how you too can revolutionize your industry with Myriota’s pioneering satellite IoT. Let our technologists Steve Winnall, VP of Engineering, and Nicole Russo, Director of Product take you on a deep dive into Myriota’s low-cost, low-power secure satellite IoT connectivity.

Steve Winnall
VP of Engineering

Steve Winnall

Dr Winnall brings over 20 years’ experience leading teams to commercialise complex sensor and communications technologies; working for companies including LiDAR pioneer Baraja and medical device business Cochlear

Nicole Russo
Director of Product

Nicole Russo

Nicole Russo brings 15 years of experience in agile product management and development across defence, mobile, e-commerce, and IoT, she melds management and technical expertise with a passion for customer-focussed solutions.

  • Hear how Myriota’s direct-to-orbit technology works
  • Learn how to connect your device direct-to-satellite and how you can use Myriota’s patented technology to revolutionize your industry
  • Hear how developers are creating world-first products on the Myriota Platform

Meet Myriota: Revolutionizing your industry with satellite IoT

Starter Pack

$600 USD ( $780CAD $800AUD )

Ready to connect your device direct-to-satellite?

The Developer Starter Pack provides you with all the tools and guidance you need to access affordable, long-battery life IoT connectivity by adding the Myriota Module to your product.

Developer Starter Pack - Developer Kit - Launch Edition

What's in the Starter Pack?

  • Developer Toolkit Myriota Developer Toolkit (Service 2) including SDK, access to Myriota API, development board, antenna, enclosure and mounting brackets, battery holder cover, satellite simulator USB dongle and USB cable.
  • Customer Support Unlimited customer support with Myriota Satellite IoT experts, for a smooth and supportive development journey.
  • Modules 2 Myriota Modules. Ultra energy-efficient and secure. Add them to your IoT device to connect to the Myriota Network.
  • Developer Platform Access to the Myriota Support Platform. A one-stop shop for developing your satellite connected IoT device including resources and community forums.
  • 12 Months 12 months of free data, giving you freedom to send messages to the Myriota Network.
  • Certification Handbook Certification Handbook. The ultimate guide for getting your product certified to Myriota standards.
  • One-On-One 1:1 session with a Myriota team member to answer your burning tech queries.
  • Swag Celebrate the spirit of exploration and innovation with Myriota Satellite launch swag for those space enthusiasts among us.

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