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Myriota, Everywhere.

In a landmark partnership with Spire Global, Myriota will deliver near real-time IoT connectivity by the end of 2022.

Latency measured in minutes. Daily data transfers of kilobytes. Bidirectional communication.

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Industries are under constant pressure – to enhance efficiency, service quality and profitability. To address these pressures and stay competitive, global businesses must leverage the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

The problem? Terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure doesn’t meet the connectivity requirements of today’s global businesses. 90% of the earth’s surface lacks low-cost, low-power secure IoT connectivity.

Imagine if your devices could securely deliver kilobytes of data within minutes – anywhere – at low-cost?

We’ve partnered with Spire Global to accelerate our Network deployment – opening up greater message size and reduced latency – meaning your devices can deliver more customer data, faster. 

Join Dr David Haley, CTO and Co-Founder of Myriota and Joel Spark, VP Space Systems and Co-Founder of Spire Global in conversation on the future of industrial IoT using space enabled connectivity and the new capabilities for global businesses.

  • Hear from industry leaders on IoT connectivity enabled by space
  • Discover how the Myriota x Spire partnership is creating new opportunities for IoT device makers, solution providers and end-users
  • Understand how your business can leverage more IoT data, more often

Dr David Haley

CTO and Co-Founder, Myriota

David has grown Myriota’s world class patent portfolio, and translated deep tech into product. He is a passionate entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to international wireless standards for maritime and intelligent transport systems.


Joel Spark

VP Space Systems, Spire Global

Joel is a Spire co-founder and the VP of its Space Services business, which allows organizations to quickly deploy and operate payloads and applications to space using Spire’s LEMUR satellite platform. Joel holds a Masters of Space Management from the International Space University.

The evolution of the Myriota Network

  • Latency measured in minutes.
  • Daily data transfers of kilobytes.
  • Bidirectional communication.

Myriota Developer Starter Pack

$935 AUD ( $973NZD $700USD )

Ready to connect your device direct-to-satellite?

The Developer Starter Pack provides you with all the tools and guidance you need to access affordable, long-battery life IoT connectivity by integrating the Myriota Module into your product.

Developer Starter Pack - Developer Kit - Launch Edition

What's included in the Starter Pack?

  • Developer Toolkit Myriota Developer Toolkit (Service 2) includes SDK, access to Myriota API, development board, antenna, enclosure and mounting brackets, battery holder cover, satellite simulator USB dongle and USB cable.
  • Customer Support Unlimited customer support with Myriota Satellite IoT experts, for a smooth and supportive development journey.
  • Modules 2 Myriota Modules. Ultra energy-efficient and secure, the Myriota Module can be integrated to your IoT device to connect to the Myriota Network.
  • Developer Platform Developer Platform. Access to the Myriota Support Platform provides a one-stop shop for the development of your satellite connected IoT device including resources and community forums.
  • 12 Months 12 months of free data, giving you freedom to send messages to the Myriota Network.
  • Certification Handbook Certification Handbook. The ultimate guide for getting your product certified to Myriota standards.
  • One-On-One 1:1 session with a Myriota team member to answer your burning tech queries.
  • Swag Celebrate the spirit of exploration and innovation with Myriota Satellite launch swag for those space enthusiasts among us.

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