Satellite connectivity for AgTech

Build your market leading device on the Myriota Network

Connect millions of devices, direct to satellite

Remove the barriers of location and scale - with Myriota Module technology embedded in your AgTech devices, data is transferred direct to satellite - no need to consider cellular network strength or gateway infrastructure.

Myriota can deliver more data, faster

Myriota’s Network of nanosatellites is growing rapidly in number and capability.


We are increasing data throughput - allowing larger messages to be transmitted from Myriota connected devices, opening up new opportunities for sensing and monitoring.


The time it takes to deliver your data is greatly reduced. While some of our competitors talk about low latency, they only start the clock when the message is already on the satellite awaiting transfer to your machine. When we say low latency, we are talking about the entire flow from a device transmitting data to the satellite - right through to you receiving that in a dashboard.


We’re talking about data delivered in under 30 minutes, essential for location tracking and monitoring sensor data.


Myriota is opening up the messaging flow in the cloud to device direction to our customers. Previously used exclusively by Myriota to program satellite passover schedules, it can now provide the capability for customers to update firmware and manage device control remotely.

Increased access times

With the rapid growth in satellites available to receive and transmit to your devices....

More opportunities to send and receive data.

Your devices will often be able to communicate with a satellite immediately, and if not they will only wait a few minutes.

Lower latency

Data will get to/from you quickly, within minutes, so that you can deliver a high information refresh rate to your customers.


Manage device updates and control via improved downlink data volumes and latency for two-way communication, giving you the ability to unicast, multicast, and broadcast commands to devices.


Upgrade firmware and settings in the field, without sending out a technician.

Long battery life

Our network technology is low-power consumption, meaning that Myriota-enabled devices have extremely long-battery life; a decade or more depending on your application.


No more fuss with solar panels and connections, or sending out technicians just to swap over batteries.



Forget towers and base stations

Your AgTech device with Myriota Connectivity just needs a clear view

of the sky to successfully send and receive critical sensing and tracking data.

Developing your device

Get started with a developer toolkit for initial testing and concept verification. Then develop your own boards, sensor and location inputs, and RF antenna to connect to the Myriota network.

Myriota Developer Toolkit

The Myriota Developer Starter Pack provides you with all the tools you need to build affordable, long battery life satellite IoT connectivity into your product. 

The Myriota Developer Toolkit includes SDK, access to Myriota API, the development board, an antenna, enclosure and mounting brackets, battery holder cover, satellite simulator USB dongle and USB cable.

Measures 34mm x 21mm 

Myriota Module

The Myriota Module is your connection to the Myriota Network of low earth orbit satellites. This chip has the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.

The Myriota Module can be programmed with your own custom application to log and transmit data to suit any number of IoT applications, providing capability for sensor interfaces, edge processing, event triggering, and smart power management

Design, Build, Certify and Launch

You'll most likely start with board design, product casing and antenna specifications.

Typically, the developers we see taking this journey have experience in building RF enabled devices and are comfortable designing and manufacturing products that embed communication technology such as the Myriota Module.

Board DesignEmbed the Myriota Module with your sensing or tracking inputs and power supply

Antenna DesignRF expertise will accelerate the development cycle. Don’t worry if you don’t have this skillset in house, we have an external antenna available.

Production SamplesGet delivery of your boards with Myriota Module, antenna, housing, inputs, and power - ready to build and test

Field TrialsPerformance testing of your Myriota enabled device in a range of uses and environments

CertificationFinal product design meets Myriota standards for Certification

Market ReleaseMyriota will support your product launch with digital campaigns, public relations activity and more.

Already working with an overcommitted product development team?

We get it, there are plenty of great projects competing for limited resources. Talk to the Myriota team about outsourcing part of your product development to our engineering team through Myriota Design Services.


We can take on part or all of your design and testing, and connect you to components, manufacturing and visualisation providers to quickly move your device from concept to reality.

Myriota is the leader in
direct-to-satellite connectivity


messages delivered


employees worldwide


patents granted

Imagine if your devices could securely deliver kilobytes of data within minutes – from anywhere – at low-cost?

Myriota Satellite technology provides an outstanding opportunity to create AgTech products using low-cost, low-power, direct-to-orbit secure satellite connectivity. 


The Myriota Module can be embedded in both fixed and mobile devices.


How will your company shape the future of AgTech?


  • Soil moisture sensors
  • Rain gauges
  • Dendrometers
  • Pest Traps

Tank Monitoring

  • Fuel levels
  • Water levels
  • Water quality
  • Liquid fertilizer levels


  • Wearable devices
  • Weighing stations
  • Dosing
  • Pump monitoring & control
  • Trough monitoring


  • Gate control
  • Electric fence monitoring

Vehicles & Machinery

  • Location tracking
  • Telematics


  • Flow rate
  • Leak detection
  • Valve control
  • Pump monitoring & control

Common Questions

What is the Myriota Certification process?

Myriota Certification enables our Partners to deliver the best possible experience to their customers.


Device performance is tested and verified by our engineers to ensure they meet the required service level that will ultimately provide end-users with the confidence they’ll receive their valuable data as expected.

What regions is the Myriota Network available in?

Myriota devices have spectrum licencing to operate in the following countries:

— Australia

— New Zealand

— United States of America

— Canada

— Germany


In 2022 we expect to receive approvals for:

— Western Europe

— Argentina

— Chile

— Brazil

What are the data and hardware costs?

Myriota Module



Myriota data plan example for starter and scale-up

Question here?

Myriota answer here...........


Setting the standard for global IoT connectivity

Ultra long battery life

Low power consumption, 10 years+ on 2x AA batteries

Massive scale

100m messages/day satellite capacity, billions of devices

Private and secure

Zero plaintext protocol unique cryptographic privacy

Low cost messages

No network setup costs, and no minimum monthly spend

How To
Get Started

Book a meeting

Connect with a Myriota team member to talk through your product vision. They’ll advise you on the best development tools to start with.

Develop a prototype

Verify your design and connection to the Myriota Network. Start scoping manufacturing and go-to-market plans.

Join the Myriota Partner Program

We'll work together on co-marketing activities for launch. Following Myriota Certification, your product can display our logo.

Meet the team

Meet the team that will be supporting you through product development and market release.

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Senior Account Executive

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Senior Account Executive

Scott Cramer

Technical Account Manager

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